Giant Lego brick storage boxes

There is no reason for not having these Lego storage boxes, except of course, the danger of cool overload. These boxes are licensed by Lego and can be used to store stuff. Making things a lot more cooler, you can actually stack these boxes together, like Lego bricks. That will probably result in gigantic lego-box …

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Huge Lego warships float on the sea of awesomeness

Our liking of Lego creations is no secret, but even judging by those standards, these ships are just plain amazing. The models created by Ed Diment are incredibly detailed and huge. The USS Intrepid is 22-feet and 4-inches long, and probably required an incredible amount of patience. The Intrepid comes decked with aircrafts, deck guns …

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Lego Leica M8 camera

A Leica M8 created out of Lego bricks wouldn’t probably be so interesting if it wasn’t actually a functional camera. Beneath all these Lego bricks lies a kid’s camera. It is no Leica, but it has 3MP resolution and Lego bricks. The camera has been created by MOCpages user Schfio Factory. Via: PetaPixel, technabob

Legolized Marijuana

If there is something like a Prop 19 in the Lego world, the minifigs should be having a huge debate over Legolizing Marijuana. Sadly, Lego pot ain’t for humans, but minifigs sure can enjoy. Via: picselate, Gearfuse

A boardroom table made of Legos

Offices are generally expected to be bland, more so when it comes to the boardroom. “Elegance” always wins over “fun and informal” at these places. Faced with a similar problem, advertising agency “Boys and Girls” turned to ABGC Architecture and Design. Among other things, they put up this Lego boardroom table for the advertising agency. It has dimensions of 4 feet x 9 feet, and uses 22,742 Lego pieces put together. The tables sits on a stainless steel structure, and its Lego bricks are covered in glass to make it smooth. Also included is the advertising company’s name, done in Lego.

Via: Behance, Brothers Brick

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Pentax introduces Optio NB1000 cameras, with a Lego touch

Pentax has released the Optio NB1000 camera that sports 4x optical zoom, 720p video recording, and 14.1 MegaPixels. However, its biggest asset has to be the Lego-like look. Using the camera as a base, you could create accessories for your use, or just have fun. Technically speaking, the camera does not have Lego bricks, but …

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The Empire Strikes Back chess set in Lego

Created by Flickr user Brandon Griffith, The Empire Strikes Back chess set is made of Lego and the characters stand on a Hoth-themed game board. Smartly, Griffith has included a storage for the pieces in the game board. Via: FBTB, Brothers-Brick