Steampunk Atomic Dueling Pistols

Another example of wonderful work by artist Jeff de Boer, these Steampunk rather Steam-fi dueling pistols would be the game turner in any space war that could ever be. These Steampunk guns are the most dangerous rayguns ever, and the most amazing piece of artist wizardry. Via Make

Plasticine Tatooine

Plasticine Tatooine is a homage to the unsung characters of Star Wars. Fans still talk about the major characters and we get to see a lot of Star Wars inspired art and products, but these lesser known characters have been long lost, and away from the minds and hearts of fans. Elliott Quince has taken a different approach for the Plasticine Tatooine book, sculpting these characters from plasticine and finally giving them their chance under the sun.

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Gameboy Tube Dress Shows You Have Been a Winner

Gentlemen, if you have a girlfriend who is happy and willing to wear this dress, you have a keeper. And ladies, if your man appreciates the Gameboy tube dress you wear, that guy is a keeper. It is probably like a test of geek compatibility and passing it means you win. The fact that it …

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Star Wars Characters From Sushi Carvings

Sushi just got a facelift with Star Wars character styling in the dish. I never thought I would be able to eat an AT-AT but this one looks fair play. Japanese sushi chef, Okitsugu Kado serves sushi with these veggie treats on the side. Kado also claims to be a part of the Jedi order, and we assume he uses the force to carve the food.

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