Man Gets ‘Where’s Wally?’ Tattoo

John Mosley from the UK had his back covered in a giant tattoo featuring the famous “Where’s Wally?” scene. The tattoo has more than 150 characters and it took the tattoo artist 24 hours to create the scene. Mosley helped raise £2,000 ($3200) for charity in the process. If you’d like to know where Wally …

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Gollum Wedding Cake

Apparently, having Gollum make an appearance at weddings is the new “in” thing. You can have Gollum as the ringbearer, you can have Gollum on the cake. We suppose next time we see something like this, Gollum might be walking down the aisle. Via Between the Pages, Neatorama

A Superhero Who Succumbed to Age

We are used to seeing superhero who enjoy the gift of eternal youth. Superman for example made his first appearance in 1938 and yet more than 7 decades later, the Son of Krypton refuses to age. Same goes for Batman who made his first appearance in 1939 and despite claims of not having any superpowers, he simply refuses to age.

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Amazingly Realistic Papercraft Weapons

We absolutely love papercraft, especially so when artists make those flimsy sheets of paper look like something entirely different, which in this case happens to be very deadly weapons that should be handled carefully by humans and prawns alike. Matt Milam over at Firebrand Creations have a number of impressive papercraft weapons to show.

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Spock Touque, Because You Really Want Pointy Ears

“You know what would rock? A SPOCK TOUQUE! Like, it would be black, and cut right across your forehead (like his bangs) and his skintone ears would be the part that covers YOUR ears!” And from that simple request was born “Live Long and Keep Warm”– a hat to transform you (or a friend!) into …

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Game Boy Print Swimsuit

Apparently the new masters of geeky swimwear, Black Milk Clothing has now come up with the Game Boy print suit. It does look very much playable from where we see it. Via OhGizmo

Recruitment Posters Call You to the Nerd World

The infinite number of Koopa Troopas and Clone Army don’t just crop up, they have to be recruited. Well yes, that’s how it is done and it is quite a lot of hardwork. These posters show how they possibly might go along with the recruitmenta. I’ve often wondered what the benefits of job would be for a koopa troopa.

Via Dorkly

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Steampunk Atomic Dueling Pistols

Another example of wonderful work by artist Jeff de Boer, these Steampunk rather Steam-fi dueling pistols would be the game turner in any space war that could ever be. These Steampunk guns are the most dangerous rayguns ever, and the most amazing piece of artist wizardry. Via Make