It’s the Valentine’s Season, Say it in Official Pokemon Style

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you could get things rolling with some heartfelt and thoughtful, or you could take the cheesy route. These little cards are rather good, especially if your Valentine has an interest in Pokemon. If all else fails, remember it might be a cliche, but you could still give I choose you a try. See the full set on their official Facebook page.

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The wars that inspired Game of Thrones

From the video:

Beginning around 1377, medieval England was shaken by a power struggle between two noble families, which spanned generations and involved a massive cast of characters, complex motives and shifting loyalties. Sound familiar? Alex Gendler illustrates how the historical conflict known as the Wars of the Roses served as the basis for much of the drama in Game of Thrones.

The (theoretical) cost of building a brand new Millennium Falcon

It would be so truly awesome to actually see space travel. And perhaps when we get things in order there, we could (and someone definitely will) build something like the Millennium Falcon. So what would the Falcon really cost, according to DeAgostini Model Space, it would cost something in the region of $4.5 billion.

‘Crazy Case’ turns your iPhone into a DeLorean

This offering from Crazy Case is exactly what you could have asked to get your nerd cells ticking. Haters might call it impractical, but you know it is awesome, especially when you get to see it in action. The DMC-12 has amazing detail with lights and wires that glow when you get a call or notifications.

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Creative nut feeder makes Cybermen out of squirrels

Squirrels have now been upgraded to Cybermen, it’s a whole new challenging world for the Doctor now. The Cyberman head used to be a shower radio, but once that gave way, Doctor Who fan Emma Young very creatively converted it into a nut feeder. The mask is packed with nuts and hangs a small distance above the ground. Scavenging squirrels inevitably must stand to reach those nuts, and inadvertently become Cybermen. That’s so much more efficient than the usual tricks Cybermen employ. Watch a video of the mask in action.

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Weeping Angel Mask

The weeping angels are the scariest of Doctor Who antagonists. There are Daleks and Cybermen, but they can hardly compare with the sheer terror of being taken out in the blink of an eye. I’d say Blink ranks pretty close to the best episodes of the new Doctor Who series. That, and The Empty Child. …

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