Man Pays $17500 For A Game Cartridge

JJ Hendricks paid a huge sum of $17500 to get his hands on a gold Nintendo World Championships cartridge. In case you are wondering, it is not really gold, only gold paint. The cartridge is however, a rare one. Only 26 of these were produced, and clearly each one would be worth more than its …

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Combat Pack For The WiiMote Adds Weapons To Gaming

And obviously not real weapons, but it does get you sort of more immersed into gameplay, with real-world fake weapons working for your virtual in-game weapons. On offer is a kit for Zelda, which includes a set of 3 Sword Knife Shield Combat Pack for the WiiMote and the nunchuks. There’s another pack for players …

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Fatality In 8-Bits

Lot of games nowadays are full of gore, but back in the days of 8-bit games, the graphics wouldn’t allow the display of blood. A flickr user going by the name of has created the bloodshed that would have been visible, if those games had better graphics. Clearly, the devil resides in the details.Geekologie

Minesweeper: The Most Successful Game Ever

Even though it turns out as a surprize, a little thinking and you know Minesweeper has earned its title. It is the oldest and most frequently installed game to have ever been on a computer. CrunchGear says: This game has been around since Windows 3.1, requires less concentration then solitaire, is small enough to hide …

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