Football Hero Brings The "Hero" Games To The Real World

The football hero is a lot like the Guitar Hero, except that it for the most part, real life, and played with a football. A giant screen shows colors that Kasabian football players have to hit with the ball. The Arduino-controlled contact sensors are illuminated by falling colored blocks. Gearfuse

SNES/SEGA Cartridge Arrives On USB

It’s nostalgia time again… childhood favorites SNES/SEGA Genesis Cartridge has adapted itself to the modern world and will soon come as a USB cartridge, courtesy a modder named Matthias. The Snega2USB project adds the favorite games and up to four gamepads in a single package that can be connected to a USB port. It’s still …

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Nokia N900 Runs SNES, Looks Great

Nokia N900 is a cool smartphone, but what’s cooler is a smartphone that can run the retrotastic SNES. Kontorri managed to install an emulator on the N900, making it ready to play the game, and also hacked/modified the Wiimote to work along the masterful setup. Checkout the video! Engadget

People Turn Into Real Life Video Game Units, Play Tetris

Tetris probably is one of the most popular games around, and 36 skaters from “Freeborders” came together as game pieces . The skateboard neon tetris had each person have on his/her head a neon sign done in the way of the game. They ultimately converged for a full “game play.” Checkout the video. Swiss-Miss

Steampunk Arcade Adds Fun To Gaming

The “MAME” Steampunk arcade was created by Doug and it has an authentic Victorian look about it, and is all ready to play the good old retro arcade games. And it’s got a touch of Frankenstein too! SteampunkWorkshop

Thrustmaster Shows Ferrari Themed Gamepads

The Thrustmaster gamepads aren’t as exclusive as the Italian supercars, neither are they high performance and luxurious. But they do have a cool Ferrari finish, which is a big plus in itself. The wireless pads are available in Ferrari Wireless Gamepad 430 Scuderia and the F1 Wireless Gamepad Ferrari F60 flavors. The wireless versions will …

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