New VW Scirocco gets turned into a game controller

Finnish hackers have created a video game controller which is quite interesting, and perhaps quite close to the “real thing.” This isn’t really out of the world, but you’d expect the car of choice to be something older than a 2009 Volkswagen Scirocco. These enthusiasts have plugged in a computer with the Scirocco’s on-board computer, …

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Limited Edition Halo Xbox 360 console is a blast

The millionth Xbox 360 console to be sold in Australia and New Zealand would appear as a special achievement for Microsoft, and the console does reflect the sentiment. Being auctioned for charity, this console was created by Richard Taylor and the Weta Workshop, and it shows Master Chief blowing the innards off the console. Proceeds from the eBay auction will go to David Peachey Foundation, and Microsoft will match the winning bid with up to $10,000 for the donation.

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Mario is toast [pic]

The famed Italian plumber would approve of this awesome image formed with bread. Only, most of him would be eaten, barring the burnt bread that is. Gearfuse

Wiimote proton pack mod frightens ghosts

The proton pack that Ghostbusters carry isn’t good news for ghosts; also, the nuclear energy of the said packs is a huge risk. Well, not for the Wii proton pack mod that will kill virtual ghosts. The Wii proton pack is intended for use with the Nintentdo Wii version of the Ghostbusters Video game. It …

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Metal Gear 3D arcade play makes things better

Arcade gaming rocks in Japan, more so, when you’re playing the Metal Gear “Don’t Call It VR” 3D. This third person shooter based in Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear series has players wear a camera on the 3D goggles. The camera keeps track of your head’s movement, while an analog stick on the rifle controls movements. …

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World of Warcraft "Collectible" Coins

Nerds in love with the World of Warcraft can now get their hands on WoW Horde Coins, in real life, very much outside the virtual world. The coins are plated in various precious metals and sell for $62. NerdApproved