Space Invaders commence attack in Augmented Reality

Space InvadAR is the first Augmented Reality game to show up for Android. It involves aliens attacking our dear planet, and the user of course has to save the day and get rid of those pesky invaders. All you need to do is aim the device’s camera towards a printed image of the planet (available at the game’s website) and shoot those aliens once they appear. The game is overpriced at $25, and since there’s no way a user can win the game, no matter how well you play it, you can’t save Earth. Video after the jump.

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Unpackman makes a living opening bottles

While PacMan gets all the love, fun and even a playable Google logo, his estranged brother Unpackman seems to be making a living out of opening bottles. No ghost chasing for you Mr. Unpackman, now get back to opening bottles. Designed by Studio Psycho, hopefully Unpackman will be a real product soon. Via: DesignEast, Notcot

Halo assault rifle is a nerf gun in the real world

A DIYer has brought the Halo assault rifle into the real world. In doing the transition, the assault rifle lost quite a bit of its deadly power. Now, it holds three magazines, darts, and well… is based on a nerf gun. Moz, the creator of this rifle, definitely deserves praise. Video after the jump.

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Naruto Shippuuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 trailer

The latest Naruto game is set to be released in autumn this year, and if the trailer is anything to go by, Naruto Shippuuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 will be one game to look out for. With Pain, Jiraiya, and (possibly sage) Naruto in the mix, the game will be full of action. The trailer’s after the jump, and is worth the one and a half minutes it plays for.

Via: Joystiq

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If gaming consoles were buildings, the World would be more playful

If gaming consoles were architected, we’d have some amazing structures to look at. These images created by Amusement magazine bring forth what structures would look like if gaming consoles were architected. Looks like the PS3 lends itself more suitably to modern architecture, but the others don’t really look bad either. Via:, BoingBoing

Pacman arcade built in Lego

This tabletop Pacman arcade has been built entirely with Lego, except the electronics of course. Constructing the arcade out of Lego is all the more impressive because not only do the plastic bricks have to bear the weight of the electronic components, but they also have to handle the way the player works on them. Video of the arcade after the jump.

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Analog Tetris spills into real life [Video]

Somethings are best left the way they are. Sure, a real life analog tetris sounds good, but then it doesn’t have all the fun (read: time killing abilities) of the original. Okay, it is fun. It’s a two player game where one person randomly drops the blocks, while the other person arranges them in Tetris-like pattern. Great way to flex the muscles while playing a (video) game. Video after the jump.

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