SmartTrack Neo: External Multi-touch Trackpad for PCs

As far as I’m concerned, Trackpads suck, I am comfortable with my mouse, thank you. For the few who would actually prefer trackpads, the SmartTrack Neo sounds like quite an option. You can connect multi-touch pad to your PC via USB, and well, have fun, or whatever. Slippery Brick

Denon Turntable Converts Vinyls To MP3s

For many, vinyl records are prized possessions. But then there’s always a risk that these may get scratches. Denon’s time-traveling turn table offers to take care of that part by converting the vinyls to mp3s. You just need to put the 7in or 12in, 45 or 33.33rpm record onto the spindle and the turntable will …

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A Small "Intelligent" Robot To Play With

Brando has created a cute-little robot, the Robo Q. It’s got six direction controls, three speed levels, and an “AI mode” where it can scoot around obstacles, or even trace objects. The robot can trace the controller and move to it, Controller unit can function as a charger and a storage unit. Prices start at …

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Stealth: Canon 5D Mark II Holds A Flash Drive

The Canon 5D Mark II DSLR is a cool camera, and a flash drive in stealth mode. This replica was on eBay, and it’s just a flashy flash drive. The lens holds a 4 GB USB flash drive, and it sure has a huge cap. The camera sold for $96.50. GadgetVenue