A Noise Maker

The Drone machine is a complete noise maker, just move the joystick and make noise with other features that make noise too. Watch the video and enjoy. EnGadget

A Pocket Game Emulator That Does A Lot More

This is not a game boy but only looks like one and has a lot of other features, than just playing video games. The Pocket Retro Game Emulator will play, NES, SNES, GBA, Sega Genesis, or Neo Geo roms plus you can play movies, audios and even view images. And thats not all it comes …

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Windows Home Server And Cigar Humidor Make A Good Combo

Unlike the Combimouse, the Windows Home Server and Cigar Humidor combo is probably on every cigar loving geek’s wishlist. The custom-built Home Servidor runs on Atom processor and comes with a special place to hold 10-12 cigars. A 2 TB version of the Servidor sells for $949 while the 1TB version costs $799. CrunchGear

Combimouse Is A Bad Mix Of Keyboard And Mouse

The Combimouse is a QWERTY keyboard split into two, with a mouse adjusted in one part of the keyboard. Though a keyboard-mouse combination sounds good in theory, this obviously isn’t the best way to do it. I’d rather have a stable keyboard than one that has to be moved everytime I want to use the …

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USB Retro Webcam

The USB Retro Webcam, a web cam that looks like a real optical camera. Its nothing new except the looks, weighs 69g, priced at $29 and connects to your PC through a USB. Geeky-Gadgets

Portable Lie Detector For the Paranoid

It’s sad how insecure some people feel, and while this gadget sounds ludicrous, people are actually going to buy it. Portable Lie Detector depends upon variations in a person’s voice to detect nervousness and decide if it is a truth or lie. The maker claims a good degree of accuracy for the device, and says …

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Datamancer Deco Keyboard Is A Reminder Of Typewriter Keyboards

The guys at Datamancer really know how to weave magic through the keyboard, or rather, on the keyboard. The latest keyboard reminds me of old-school typewriters. The frame is a combination of wood and chrome, and there’s a black reflective acrylic faceplate as well. The only huge difference from a typewriter… it’s got LEDs; never …

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SLEEPTRACKER Elite Watch Watches You Sleep

SLEEPTRACKER Elite is a “watch” that follows its name, it tracks your sleep, up to 12 hours of it. It continuously monitors your sleep and once you plug it to your computer, you can check exactly how much sleep did you actually get. A much better function is the alarm function, that lets you set …

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