BowLingual Is For Gullible Dog Owners

If someone tells you that they have a device to translate your dog’s barks into human language and you believe it, you probably shouldn’t be allowed to have a pet. But it seems that there are many people who would believe such things, and that’s why the BowLingual has an “updated” product. Owners can place …

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Transformers Bumblebee Helmet

Save the universe from evil with the new Transformers Bumblebee helmet. The new bumblebee voice mixer helmet has three different electronic features and you can have your voice remixed in six different music styles. So go ahead and be the bumblebee to the rescue. Priced at $40. LikeCool

Helmet To Power The Lights On Your Bike

Three students of the Taiwan University have developed a helmet which generates energy using wind energy and transmits it through bluetooth to power the headlight, taillight and side indicators of the bike. This gadgets has fans fitted to the helmet and when the bike starts running the fans move and generate energy, it also houses …

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Fridge Working On USB Power

We recently saw a usb microwave to warm up your food and now we have a usb fridge to cool your drinks while you are working and don’t want to leave your desk. Simply connect to your laptop and its ready to cool, and weighs only 362g, so you can take it anywhere. Priced at …

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Flashing LED Help Sign – Help Alerter

What will you do if you are car jacked or your car is broken and even a cell phone doesn’t work, a simple solution can be the help alerter. A flashing LED sign which is covered by the license plate and controlled through a remote switch will allow you to access the sign asking for …

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Music In A Pill

A mp3 player designed to look like a pill though sounds a bit weird but actually looks cool. The pill mp3 player from iXing measures 2.7 inches long and 1 inch in diameter. It plays both mp3 and wma files, has an FM tuner as well. For controls you might have to pull the pill …

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Gadgets From Lego Bricks

We recently wrote about gadgets designed with cardboard and now we have gadgets made from Lego bricks. From cameras to mp3 players to alarm clocks all made form Lego. An essential collectors item, will be available soon. DVICE

Wattcher To Watch Your Energy Consumption

A small way to help the environment is to buy The Wattcher and monitor, energy consumption at your house. This product is designed to increase awareness in people about the amount of energy they use and that they would surely help the planet go green by reducing their energy consumption, at least by a fraction. …

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USB E – Cigarette Might Help You To Quit Smoking

The USB E – cigarette could help people who are trying to quit smoking. It lights up and you can even puff out steam without causing any damage to your lungs. The concept behind it is to give you the feeling, that you are smoking but actually you are not, because mostly people light up …

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