Gaming Desktops Have Become Awesome

Gaming is serious business. That does not mean that it isn’t fun, only that gamers look for the best options to improve their hardware to increase their performance. Here we take a look at the latest in gaming desktops.

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The Stunning Aston Martin Home Simulator

To give the home user the best of immersive driving experience and the feel of a hypercar, Aston Martin AMR-C01 is here, ready to be parked inside your homes. The simulator has been co-developed with Curv, a British technology company. It uses top-notch quality elements fused with the Asseto Corsa software.

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Samsung AI Front Control Slide-in Gas Range Stove

Chefs, home cooks, and foodies alike all enjoy a great stove. And now, Samsung has added to its catalog a truly enviable stove. Contrary to traditional cooking gear, the Samsung AI Front Control Slide-in aims to revolutionize the cooking and baking experience. 

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7 tips for building your first computer

Whether you’ve decided to build a computer from scratch for gaming, as an experiment or as a way to learn more about technology, it’s one of the best decisions you can make. Getting to the end of a project like this feels hugely rewarding and your computer will stand as a testament to your abilities for years to come.

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Fifth Element: The One That Looks Like A UFO

The Fifth Element Mechanical Sculpture by MB&F and LEpee

MB&F partnered with L’Epée 1839 to create a machine that looks beautiful and does a whole lot of things. The Fifth Element is a classic mechanical weather station, like the ones you would expect to see before the digital age went full swing. In true MB&F style, The Fifth Element is more than just a set of mechanical instruments clubbed together – it is a mechanical sculpture with incredible craftsmanship.

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Why You Shouldn’t Name Your Concepts When Drunk: F**ktron Keyboard

Fktron Glass Keyboard

It is a concept, an idea that exists as a rendering; it could be many things, but it chose to be a keyboard. As a new concept keyboard, it looked at the wide choices of names it could have, wondering if simply being called keyboard would be enough. “No” said the booming voice of its creator, giving it the name F**ktron. This point forward, I’m just going to call it F-Tron. It is easier to write, and having to censor names just doesn’t sit right.

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This Shower Curtain Has Pockets For Your Phones And Tablets

Conventional wisdom would argue that this shower curtain needs to be trashed. To that wisdom I say, you need to go back to your decade. Although the product description of “Watch, play with or listen to your phone or tablet” is trying too hard, this curtain has its uses. There was a time when people put televisions in the rest room, probably still do, so this curtain isn’t as far fetched an idea.

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NCAA Football Helmet Portable Bluetooth Speakers

These portable, rechargeable Bluetooth speakers include built-in speakerphone, microphone and a powerful sub-woofer. The battery runs for eight hours, so that’s plenty for parties and fun. They are available in several flavors, and in three sizes. Prices range from $99.95 for Small, $199.95 for Medium size, and $399.95 for Large speakers. Available on Amazon.

‘Intelligent’ Heated Jacket to Fight The Bitter Cold

Mercury Heated Jacket

Packing in layers and taking all precautions possible still could end up in feeling the discomfort of cold. Or maybe overdoing it and being stuck in that weird situation where you feel too hot, but sliding the jacket zip a bit ends up in cold. Mercury Intelligent Heated Jacket from Ministry of Supply aims to make things easier with this intelligent jacket.

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Azio’s Cool Retro Classic Typewriter-inspired Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

Azio Retro Classic BT

Azio’s new Bluetooth keyboard takes its inspiration from the good ol’ typewriter. The design and the click-clack of the mechanical keyboard on the Retro Classic BT should get you all set in for the typewriter feel. Thankfully, Azio isn’t just going for the looks with this one – although the wood, metal and leather finish are quite a treat – and there’s quite a bit of functional options and modern tech in there as well.

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