Donkey Kong Wall

Igor Chak, the designer who created the Space Invader couch, now has another interesting design to show. Donkey Kong wall is a series of shelves arranged to have an uncanny resemblance to the popular game. Each shelf or section of the wall is made from carbon fiber, anodized aluminum pixels that are joined with strong …

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Aerial art sends a message about climate change

Concerns about climate change are real, and activists at are hoping to get more attention on the issue by creating huge pieces of art visible from above. Climate scientists say the upper limit of atmospheric carbon dioxide is 350 parts per million, above that, above that, climate change will outpace the ability of human …

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Energy efficient drill does not need a power source

Designer Vil Tsimenzin has a knack for creating interesting designs. The designer is now working on a concept to create energy efficient power tools. This drill for example, relies on a rotary generator (wind up generator) for its primary power source, effectively doing away with the need for another power source. Granted, rotary sources can …

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Camera lenses recycled into cool bracelets

These stylish cuffs/bracelets have been created from old camera lenses. Craig Arnold converts the lens assembly into stylish wrist wear, recycling focus rings to depth of field sliders. Being priced upwards of $200, they may seem a bit expensive, but also worth the price tag. Via: OyeModern, PetaPixel

2010 Rossin-Bertin Vorax convertible and coupe

Brand-new Brazilian automaker Rossin-Bertin has come up with impressively designed supercars. The Rossin-Bertin Vorax will be available in coupe and convertible versions, both powered by a BMW V10 that pumps out 570hp. The supercar has a seven-speed sequential gearbox, and a carbon fiber-aluminum body that keeps the weight down to just 2866 pounds. Vorax completes …

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