Books as weapons: Book guns

This is where I go all philosophical about the pen being mightier than the sword, and how books can be more powerful than a stash of weapons. Artist Robert The carves guns out of books, alluring to the most powerful “weapons” ever created. Via: Formatmag, SpaceSinkhole

Star Wars characters created with fonts

Fabien Glez has created with the force of typography, er… fonts. The characters have been created using a selection of fonts, and named accordingly, resulting in a Star Wars-typography mash up, with characters like Font Vader, C3typo, R2typo, SansTrooper and Boba Font. Via: MyModernMet

The tallest mountain in our solar system is on Mars

It’s time for some trivia. The tallest mountain on our Earth is Mount Everest, but it sure as hell isn’t the tallest in the solar system. That title currently rests with Olympus Mons, the tallest mountain on Mars that rises to a staggering 14 27 miles, making the Everest look like some insignificant pimple. Mars …

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We have a new look

Randommization has just received a facelift. We hope the new look will be pleasing for your eyes. Also, we now have improved image galleries, and comments via Disqus. So check it out, let us know how you like it, or if you’d want something else. Hopefully, there aren’t any bugs around, but if you find …

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Custom minifigs have your face

Creating a little toy-you is less complicated than you’d expect. All you need is some money, because everything requires money, and two photographs (one face-on, one profile). The good people at Sculpteo will then create a “mini-you” with slightly skewed head to body ratio. A 2.7-inch version costs €60 ($80) and being 3.9-inches in height …

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NASA engineer shows the best shuttle launch video

NASA engineer Matt Melis has created a video that shows the “Best of the Best” images from shuttle launches. The video is pretty comprehensive; you get to hear NASA engineers talk about details of the launch, and there’s the amazing photography and videos to keep you hooked. The video covers the launches for STS-114, STS-117, …

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Meter Clock shows time is a beautiful reading

As is visible, Meter Clock takes its inpiration from analog VU meters. Created by AndyO, the clock is controlled by a PIC18F2550 microchip that handles the servo motors controlling the hour and minute hands. The build is clean and fascinating. Three buttons on top of the clock can be used for setting alarms and toggling …

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Holiday tree made from shopping carts shines bright

Edgemar mall in Santa Monica, California, has a unique Christmas tree to show. The tree has been made out of 86 metal shopping carts balanced atop one another. One would expect a tree made from such unconventional materials to look weird and clumsy,well, it doesn’t. If the photographs here are any proof, the 33 feet …

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Bulletproof Clipboard

I have no idea why someone would need a bulletproof clipboard, except that it could help you dodge the figurative bullet literally. Also, it would probably be handy for those assassin exams. Via: Ballistic, LikeCool