Cat Shaped Lamp Peers Right Into Your Soul

Meet Felix, the interesting and weird cat sculpture lamp built by Studio Job for Italian brand Seletti. We call it interesting because the skillfully crafted lamp takes the look of a cat rather well, and the eye lamp looks rather interesting, to say the least. The lamp shows Felix with a straight-up tail, indicating the cat is feeling relaxed.. that’s also where the weird part comes in.

Automobiles Design

Vanda Dendrobium Electric Supercar Goes 200mph

Singapore-based Vanda Electrics is trying to make a name for itself, and its parent company Wong Fong Engineering in the automobile space. Vanda is still in its nascent stages, though it is quite ambitious as displayed by the Vanda Dendrobium electric supercar it showed at the Geneva Motor Show.

Design Gadgets

The Monkey Radio Hangs On By Its Antenna

The Monkey Radio was designed by Rudolph Schelling Webermann for Palomar. The idea was to create a radio with the features of easy mobility. Not willing to take the usual route of throwing in a strap, the designer chose to add that function to the radio’s antenna.

Design Timepieces

Lash Clock Tells Time by Parting Hair

Lash Clock by Bina Baitel is an interesting creation. It is a circular disk inlaid with hair (or fiber), which is parted to represent the position of the hour and minute hands. The clock’s idea is to offer a “new experience in the perception of time.”


PassivDom 3D-Printed House is Fully Autonomous with Zombie-Proofing Options

The modulOne from PassivDom is quite an interesting house. Or, to be more accurate with the company’s description, “autonomous 3D-printed mobile house”. The Ukrainian company behind the house says it is “mobile and transportable house with Passive House parameters”. It is claimed that the thermal characteristics are high enough for the house to use 20 times less energy than an ordinary building. Of course, this comes in rather handy as autonomous function and off-grid living are the major selling points of this house.

Cool Design Geek

This Cat Suitcase Wants to be Your Pet

Checkout Fravel, the cute suitcase that would love to be your pet. The bag has a cat-like shape, accented by its ears, which respond to touch. You can pet your suitcase, and she’ll respond by moving her squishy, jelly-like ears. On the bottom of the luggage is a little heart that beats (rather, blinks) faster when you take her out for your journey.

Art Cool Design

The Fantastic Art Furniture of EgliDesign

Creations of EgliDesign studio bring to the mind pictures of a wonderland – a world of fantasy and magic. The furniture however, is very much grounded in reality; its unique form guided by perspective and imagination of Lithuanian artist/designer Eglė Mie, the founder of the studio.

Design Random

Junk Food Repackaged In An Artisinal Style

Artist Dan Meth put his skills to use and packaged random fast food items into a more elegant packaging. The kind that works for fancy parties. Or at least one you thought was gourmet food.

Cool Design Timepieces

Story, The Levitating Clock

I’ve always found it interesting how the simple clock can be marvelously complex. Even for a generic timepiece, a whole lot of skill goes into fitting those cogs and gears just right. At its face, Story is quite simple and minimalist, consisting simply of a wooden base and a metallic sphere. But getting the sphere to levitate on the face of the clock is where the magic happens.

Cool Design

Meet Wheelmen, The Bicycle That’s More Expensive Than Your Car

As cycling picks more steam, it is only natural that we see more options be available for purchase. Being custom-built isn’t solely the domain of high-end automobiles. With that in mind, meet the Williamson Wheelmen bike, and be amazed by its price tag of $35,000. The custom-built bike is hand brazed in Detroit with the goal of being a work of art and a mode of transportation like no other. In that objective, it certainly does succeed, creating a rather impressive look.