Odd "Go With The Flow" Supertoilet Promotes Yoga

Students from the Arizona State University’s College of Design have an unusually odd design with the “Go With The Flow” toilet. It functions like a squat toilet, and can tone up the abdominal and back muscles (yeah, that’s the yoga connection). There’s a hint of environment friendliness as well; it uses less water for flushing …

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Blackbird Launches Super-OM Carbon Fiber Guitar

Blackbird Guitars is going to launch the Super OM (Orchestra Model) Carbon Fiber Guitar. This black beauty has an extremely light one-piece carbon fiber body, an asymmetrical sound hole and a hollow neck. The Super Om has a awesome design, easy access 21 frets with the sound-hole on the edge. Price varies from $1,899 to …

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‘About Time’ Clock Shows Time Roll By

Gone are the days when clocks were made for people to be on time because Sander Mulder has created a wonderful clock, with a very innovative design. This clock rolls around your desk and you have full spellings or rather a full sentence to read the hours. Though it doesn’t give you the accurate time …

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The Shoe Sanitizer – SteriShoe

SteriShoe by Shoe Care Innovations, Inc. is designed to sanitize the insides of shoes. This innovative product uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and fungus that house in your shoes. It takes about 45 minutes to completely clean a shoe. The design is practical and it just fits into any shoe without affecting the original …

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Living Room Golf Course

Bring in the Putt up or Shut up Rug Kit and get your own miniature golf. Each rug comes with 8 modular tiles to increase the par level which starts at par 3 and goes up to par5. And if you’re new to golf then don’t worry the kit comes with a map to help …

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Blown Fabric: LEDs And Ingenuity

Blown Fabric is an impressive design made of a thermoplastic, non-woven polyester fibre using a process similar to glass-blowing. The structure houses LEDs in aluminum sockets as a light source and creates a mesmerizing effect. This design from Nendo will be exhibited this month at Tokyo Fiber ‘09 Senseware. Dezeen