Reef Benches

Designers Tejo Remy and Rene Veenhuizen have created these awesome benches for students at Picasso Lyceum in Zoetermee, Netherlands. These reef benches have been made in such a way that the slats move slowly but the whole structure maintains solidity. This not only adds some life to the dull concrete buildings but a little fun …

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Diesel DZ9044 – Watch With No Face

Diesel launched a watch with no face the Diesel DZ9044. A completely different design which would change the way you see time, literally. DZ9044 has not one but four small faces on the sides which tell time in four time zones. And after all these changes it still looks stunning with brown/black leather straps and …

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Flexible Coat Trees – The World Needs More Of Them

Flexible coat tree, or the BLOOM Coat Rack, banks on the flexibility of wood for its functionality and usability. When it is not being used, all branches stay together; when a jacket or coat is put on one of the “branches,” the branch bends a bit. When all branches are in use, the flexibility ensures …

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China Bone Speakers – Simple, Elegant, Gorgeous

Designs by Jie Ong take a fresh look at the ubiquitous speakers. These speakers, made of China Bones look like a simple vase when turned off, they switch on with a swivel, and twisting the speakers raises or lowers the volume. I’m not sure about the sound quality, but the design is so beautiful, those …

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Braille E – Book

Its nice to see that technology also does a part for the less fortunate. Designers Seon-Keun Park, Byung-Min Woo, Sun-Hye Woo and Jin-Sun Park have designed a Braille E-book which uses EAP technology to change the surface pattern through electromagnetic signals. We hope to see this e-book soon in the market at a affordable price. …

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From Kitchen Sinks To Buildings

Who could have imagined, that kitchen sinks could be used as building cladding. A Dutch architecture firm has done so. A wonderful example of recycling and building. The use of such sinks is not only limited to building facade’s but can also be used as water tanks, open air structures and a lot more purposes. …

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Jin Seok Hwang – Foldable Skateboard Concept

Designer Jin Seok Hwang has created a skateboard that folds in half. Jin has made the design very tidy and has given the board awesome looks. Though there are other skate boards that fold but no one matches Jin’s design. Great work.NGboards

Ping Pong Door By Tobias

This isn’t a door but a ping pong table as well. Just push the center and the door converts to a ping pong table, even the height can be adjusted. This interesting design comes from Tobias Franzel. DVICE

Holeder Earphone Concept By Yoonsang Kim

Don’t we all hate the mess created by wires, so here is solution for at least one of them – Holeder Earphone Concept. Its simple but a great and practical concept. Just interlock the earphones around your neck and the messy wires are no longer a problem. This concept comes from South Korea by designer …

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Magnetic Gear Box By Bill Durovchic

Bill Durovchic has created a weird mechanical machine – Magnetic Gear Box. Though it doesn’t do a thing except that the energy used by the machine is rendered useless, but you can have some fun watching the gears move and you can even change the patterns in which they move. Its priced around $310, may …

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