Shelly Sabel Creates Light Using Umbrellas

If you remember the one dollar designer lamp, and found it interesting, here’s another interesting design – Umbrella Chandelier by Shelly Sabel. These colorful chandeliers are a combination of simplicity, innovation and creativity – the results, in front of you. Simply awesome.YankoDesign

Mugs With Different Roles

We all use mugs in our daily life so someone thought to give a twist to our regular mug and designed these, Alt. Mugs. These mugs could also be used as an ashtray and even as a piggybank or rather a muggybank. There are four such designs priced at $14 (approx.) each. Presurfer

Snowman Shaped Water Filter

We all need safe clean water to drink and this water filter ensures that plus it looks cool. Maybe a snowman was the inspiration behind this design. It holds up to 11 liters of water and weighs about 23 lbs (empty). Priced at $895. DVICE

Hanger Will Make You Work To Get To Your Clothes

Hanger by Ferran Lajara adds a touch of action to your daily wardrobe selection. The hanger is placed meters away from the floor, so you have to do a bit of wall climbing to reach for it. The idea is great, but not meant for a lazy person like myself. It’s just too much of …

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Revol-Design Coin Bank Is A Different Piggybank

Putting coins into a piggy bank is so childish, adults should go more stylish with something like the Revol-Design coin bank. It has two glass pieces, with enough space between them to hold some coins. Put a coin at the top, watch it go down to the bottom and you can save money plus add …

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Motorbike + Snowmobile = Kvant

Designer Patrick Petersson has developed a concept bike, Kvant – combining a motorbike and a snowmobile. Kvant is designed for mobility in snowy weather. It has a mono carving ski in the front and curved belt drive in the rear. The design looks great and the concept is practical too. Tuvie

Shacklie – Theft Prevention Umbrella Design

I most lose umbrellas because I forget to pick up the darned thing from where I left it, but many umbrellas are lost because random people decide to walk away with someone else’s umbrellas. Well, not anymore, the new concept from Mac Funamizu allows you to shackle your umbrella to the place you put it, …

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Anima Terra Takes Its Place At The Chicago Art Institute

Anima Terra is the joint work of Samsung and Yves Behar from fuseproject; made for the Modern Wing at the Chicago Art Institute. The sculptural landscape is lighted up by LEDs, internally, to give that special look it has. From fuseproject: Anima Terra (Latin for living earth, or living landscape), is a sculptural topographic surface …

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Maltron’s Ergo Keyboards Look Weird

Maltron’s ergo keyboards look too weird to be of any practical use, but the maker claims they actually are quite comfortable to use and great on function, and the unique shape can help a trained person get an unearthly speed of 85 wpm.Core77