iAcqua Concept Perfectly Complements The iPhone

USP for the iAcqua concept is its projector and it has been used intelligently. It also has a transparent touchscreen, speakers and an iPhone dock. Once the phone has been docked, you can tilt it to view images on the touchscreen, images keep appearing on the screen and disappear after a some time. You may …

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Cloud Floating Sofa Concept: Desirable, Unreal

Everyone would enjoy relaxing on a sofa that floats mid-air. It sounds awesome, looks even better, and I bet it feels great too. The sofa (concept) remains suspended in air by a strong magnetic force generated by the bottom base, which keeps it stable as well. Too good to be true! KOOTOUCH and Notcot

MOY Concept Car Is A Screen On Wheels

And by “screen” I mean it’s something very similar to your computer monitor. MOY’s body is built with “outer and inner polycarbonate layers, with layers of liquid crystals, LED diodes and electro chromic foil (film) in between.” The body allows this electric car to take on any color you like, similar to creating a wallpaper …

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B(I)aby MP3 Player Plays Music For The Unborn

They say music is the universal language, and nothing demonstrates it better than this mp3 player for the unborn. Some designer created this totally weird player, for music to the unborn, basing it on the idea that classical music can increase intelligence. Oh, it also has a mic so the to-be mother can sing and …

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A Little Turbine On Your Tap To Generate Electricity

Energy conservation gets an entirely new meaning with this concept; you get to produce electricity everytime you use water. The Mini Hydro Turbine concept by Jin Woo Han has a small generator, that draws on the kinetic energy of flowing water to produce electricity. This should ideally be able to power small gadgets like electric …

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