Earthly Living, in France

Imagine living one on one with nature. A peaceful, quiet place where you can be in touch with true nature. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Well, there is an architecture firm that wants to make this possible. Score Architects has a proposal for just such a thing. 

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Nissan Takes on the Snow With Nissan 370Zki Roadster

Nissan 370Zki

Nissan has its heart set on tackling the snow, with the all new 370Zki Roadster concept (pronounced unsurprisingly as 370 Ski). Built off the stock 370Z, the ‘roadster’ still got its powerful 332 hp engine. Of course, it requires more work than stripping out wheels and slapping on skis. Nissan partnered with American Track Truck to get this rear-wheel powered snowmobile ready for show.

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There’s a Reason They Call Saturn the Sexy One [pic]

This image may appear as a skillful rendering in photoshop, and we take great pride in telling you that is NOT the case. This is an actual photograph of Saturn taken by Cassini Spacecraft which has been hanging around the best looking planet in the solar system. The image was taken by Cassini in 2006, when the probe was in the shadow of the planet and looked towards the eclipsed sun for about 12 hours.

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The deliciousness of chocolate weapons

A handgun, a grenade, the chocolate weapons are all made of rich chocolate. We’ll call them the fat inducing weapons. They’re deadly, but they’re so freakin’ tasty. Via: CakeheadLovesEvil

Porsche Design smartphone concept comes loaded with goodies

Porsche Design has its name on some of the most aesthetic (and expensive) things around. Designer Andre Silva‘s independent design proposal is a Porsche Design smartphone that would probably fit in with other products from Porsche Design. The smartphone has an aluminum body and shows off a huge multi-touch screen, home and navigation buttons sit discreetly in the line at the bottom, while the speakers are kept out of sight and hidden in the glass-aluminum body.

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Space Shuttle to take people into orbit for their Honeymoon

We guess watching the Earth from orbit has to be a pretty romantic experience, and space would likely be the ultimate honeymoon destination. In the future, people going for honeymoon will get aboard the Horny Moon. Yes, they named it that. Seriously, these people can design spacecrafts and aircrafts, but when it comes to naming …

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Spoonachos will start the revolution

If the name itself doesn’t make things crystal clear, let me tell you these are nachos shaped like spoons. They’ll make life a lot more delicious, once they stop being a concept and become a real product. Via: Denis Bostandzic on Behance, CraziestGadgets

Yamaha wraps up concept bike in leather

At the Cologne Bike Show, Yamaha unveiled its VMax concept bike. The one-off motorcycle was created in collaboration with fashion house Hermes. The idea was to “Reinforce the sculptural lines of this unique object and underline its emotional power.” Hermes draped the bike in leather, covering every non-mechanical part of the bike in Skipper buffalo …

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