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Video Mapping on a Lamborghini

Everything looks good on a Lamborghini, unless of course if your idea is to murder the aesthetics of the grand supercar. Thankfully, this one does not go that way. The Media Merchants used the Lamborghini Reventon as a canvas at an even to present an audio visual projection mapping experience. And they’ve done good; not a single scratch on the elite supercar, and a beautiful presentation to boot.

Via ObviousWinner

Yamaha Moegi is a Bicycle With an Engine

Yamaha Moegi is a Bicycle With an Engine

Unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, Yamaha Y125 Moegi is a bike worthy of mention; not just for its lovely looks, but also for its unconventional construction. Designed for urban transport and comfort, the Moegi has an appearance that somewhat matches a high-end bicycle, but its slim frame also holds 125cc four stroke engine that allows for a power between 10 to 15hp.