Realistic Pencil Drawing of Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence pencil drawing by UNICO

It is tough to believe this is a pencil drawing, not a photo. However, those doubts can be let to rest after seeing that the artist has also uploaded a video of the process. The drawing is the work of artist U.N.I.C.O or Freddy Valverde, who has quite a selection of these hyper-realistic drawings in his portfolio.

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Aydin Büyüktaş Challenges Perception With Distorted Views of American Landscapes

For his series Flatland II, Turkish artist Aydin Büyüktaş has created dizzying and distorted views of American landscapes. It took the photographer two months to scout and plan for the locations, then another month and 10,000 miles of travelling across the USA to capture the shots. Aydin captured 18-20 images for each shot, then stitched them together to create collages that stretch into the sky and fold onto themselves.

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