Fifth Element: The One That Looks Like A UFO

The Fifth Element Mechanical Sculpture by MB&F and LEpee

MB&F partnered with L’Epée 1839 to create a machine that looks beautiful and does a whole lot of things. The Fifth Element is a classic mechanical weather station, like the ones you would expect to see before the digital age went full swing. In true MB&F style, The Fifth Element is more than just a set of mechanical instruments clubbed together – it is a mechanical sculpture with incredible craftsmanship.

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Intricately Embroidered Landscapes

Embroidery by Vera Shimunia

Russian artist Vera loves to draw, and as she puts it, her brush is the needle. That needle sure does some excellent work, when you take a look at her impressive and intricate embroidery. Her canvas, very often is barely a few inches in diameter – though the details stay exacting. You can follow her work on Instagram, or head over to Etsy to purchase.

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Beautiful Creatures of Cutlery

Charleston-based artist Matt Wilson has an unlikely art style – cutlery bent into shape of creatures. The sculptures mostly represent birds, but sometimes they take other forms like fish, animals, even Samurai! Matt says his artwork is a reflection of the environment in which he lives. He works with bone, driftwood, scrap metal and the likes to create upcycled sculptures.

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Handmade Leather Grimoires and Journals That Will Amaze You

Handmade Leather books by MilleCuirs

You could call them creepy or scary, but the word you’re actually looking for is fantastic. Canadian artist MilleCuirs describes the books on his Etsy page as “Handmade leather grimoires, blank books and journals”. Many of the creations do take an aspect that may be described as creepy or scary. That comes with the territory, and likely is the effect the artist aims for in these painstaking and meticulous creations.

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