Theme Park dedicated to Hello Kitty: Hello Kitty’s Kawaii Paradise

An indoor theme park dedicated to Hello Kitty has opened up in Japan. Hello Kitty’s Kawaii Paradise will regale visitors with multilingual planetarium like theater, tourist-friendly spots, and the Hello Kitty cuteness (Kawaii is Japanese for cute. The park includes a restaurant and a gift shop. PleasureCast Co., a subsidiary of Namco and the operators …

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58-inch table connects with iPhone, becomes iPhone

With a 58-inch multitouch screen, my pudgy fingers would have no trouble operating the iPhone. The Table Connect for iPhone is the solution. A 30-pin dock connector connects it to the phone, converting the table itself into the iPhone. All you’d need is a jailbroken iPhone, and of course, the table. Creators of the table …

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Mount Everest gets 3G connectivity

The tallest mountain in the world can now handle 3G calls. Nepalese company Ncell has installed towers that allow 3G calling from Mount Everest. Earlier, only voice calls were possible from the mountain, now however, climbers will have regular phone and video connectivity. Via: BBC | Image

Bugatti Startos concept motorcycle

Designed by Bruno Delussu, the Bugatti Startos concept is somewhat a dynamic design created for brute power. The name of the concept means “Snake Road,” which probably would be a fun to travel on with this motorcycle. The concept uses an internal combustion engine for power. The part we don’t get is, why did the …

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Note Me pillow is an oversized post-it note

Note Me pillow works overzealously to remind you of whatever it is that you need to be reminded of. Write it on the pillo case, remember it. When done, remove pillow case and rinse under cold water; no soap required, and it’s ready to go again. The last point is kind of reassuring, having to …

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The Japanese ‘gadget’ for carrying doughnut around

Apparently, the good people in Japan see something, and then promptly make a gadget for that certain object. At least this is the reason we have come up with for the existence of numerous gadgets, the doughnut to-go being one of these “gadgets.” The Doughnut To-Go will let you carry around one doughnut with ease, …

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