Say Hello To The Genesis Essentia Concept

Genesis Essentia Concept

Unveiled at the New York Auto Show, the all-electric Genesis Essentia Concept is a lovely head-turner. Good looks and performance of this concept could do wonders for the Genesis brand, and also for the parent company, Hyundai. Genesis sees the concept as the pinnacle of its awkward sounding “Athletic Elegance” design language; the phrase thankfully is overshadowed, or at least vindicated by the looks of the Essentia.

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Steampunk Wristwatch Automata Stylishly Writes Time

Steampunk Watch Automata by Frisk_P

As a wristwatch, this giant may not be the best thing, but it certainly is pretty cool. When you want to know the time, the watch mechanism kicks in and writes time on the watch face. To make sure it doesn’t overwrite on the watch face, the automata starts with dusting off and erasing the watch face. Of course, the whole mechanism is quite bulky and requires steadiness, but as an automata, it is pretty damn cool.

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Complex Creatures Put Together With Balloons

Balloon Art by Masayoshi Matsumoto

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Checkout this sweet balloon art by Tokyo-based artist Masayoshi Matsumoto. Well, balloon animals aren’t exactly a rarity, but the sheer complexity of Matsumoto’s creatures makes these way more interesting than your run-off-the-mill balloon art. The artist’s creations are made solely out of balloons – no markers, adhesives or sealants are employed.

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Alexa Ruins Families [video]

Alexa! The Echo works great, but there are moments when we could probably bludgeon the device… well, you know, generic digital assistant problems. This video by cartoonist Lauren Lorenzo shows Alexa being introduced to her father and 98-year old grandmother. A very interesting conversation ensues as the family tries to get talking to the new Echo device.

Fifth Element: The One That Looks Like A UFO

The Fifth Element Mechanical Sculpture by MB&F and LEpee

MB&F partnered with L’Epée 1839 to create a machine that looks beautiful and does a whole lot of things. The Fifth Element is a classic mechanical weather station, like the ones you would expect to see before the digital age went full swing. In true MB&F style, The Fifth Element is more than just a set of mechanical instruments clubbed together – it is a mechanical sculpture with incredible craftsmanship.

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Why You Shouldn’t Name Your Concepts When Drunk: F**ktron Keyboard

Fktron Glass Keyboard

It is a concept, an idea that exists as a rendering; it could be many things, but it chose to be a keyboard. As a new concept keyboard, it looked at the wide choices of names it could have, wondering if simply being called keyboard would be enough. “No” said the booming voice of its creator, giving it the name F**ktron. This point forward, I’m just going to call it F-Tron. It is easier to write, and having to censor names just doesn’t sit right.

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Panzer Tank Slippers

Panzer Tank Slippers

Who thought crochet slippers could be that cool! Panzer tank slippers will keep your feet warm, and make it perfectly normal to make pew pew boom boom! noises while you walk. Two inches of padding will ensure your feet are well cushioned. Oh, and these are available in a variety of colors, unlike the “real” Panzer tanks. Available on Etsy for $89.

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