A Mini-Pool Cooler For Your Drinks

Yeah, you heard it right. There is a pool available for your drinks. Add a bit of luxe to your poolside with these inflatable mini pool coolers by Minnidip


Delightful Origami Bookmarks Are Fun And Functional

You would agree that a book needs a bookmark. Period. You don’t necessarily need to purchase a fancy bookmark. Just DIY one, by downloading these cute little animal templates to get yourself some adorable origami bookmarks.


Wonder Machine: Challenger SRT

Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock

Get ready to see this beast from Dodge on the tracks later this year. The 2020 Challenger SRT Super Stock comes with 807 horsepower drawn from the legendary 6.2L HEMI V8 engine. Promising to deliver 707 lb-ft torque, it is already a hit in the world of quickest muscle machines.
It ventures into vaulting a quarter-mile on track in a mere 10.5 seconds and zooms from 0-60 in just 3.25 seconds. It’s a wondrous vision ready to hit the circuits.