Maximum’s Multi Touch PC Costs Much Less Than The Surface

Microsoft’s Surface multitouch PC may be great, but it comes with a hefty price tag of $12000. Maximum’s PC costs just $350, and they built it using infrared LEDs, PS3 eye camera, and an old PC powered by Intel Core 2 Duo with 2 gigs of RAM. Quite cost effective, and a cool DIY thing. …

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Japan Will Get 3D Cameras By Christmas

Come Christmas, and FujiFilm will launch its first 3D camera for consumption in the Japanese market. The camera has 2 lenses to mimic the eyes, and two image sensors. A “Real Photo Processor 3D” chip does the work in synchronizing data and creating the real 3D image. That means ultra-wide 3D shots… it’s about to …

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Shelves For Life: With You In Life And In Death

Okay, so here’s the idea. Get a strong emotional relationship and bond going between yourself and your possessions. And then have your furniture follow you to the grave. Weird as it is, the idea wants people to have shelves that they know will one day be their coffin. The structure can be used as shelves …

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Film Roll Shaped Camera Uses Film Roll

It’s the digital age and film roll cameras are on their way to become vintage. This camera, appears to have different plans though. Not only is it shaped like an oversized film roll, it actually uses a 35mm film roll to capture images. For sale in Korea, it costs around $20. TFTS

Crayon Rings Have Nostalgia Added

Crayons are like a child’s favorite playthings, and this idea takes them to the level of fashion, for adults. The rings are available in eight colors and size seven. Try wearing them all in your fingers and start doodling! Timothy Liles and

A Little Turbine On Your Tap To Generate Electricity

Energy conservation gets an entirely new meaning with this concept; you get to produce electricity everytime you use water. The Mini Hydro Turbine concept by Jin Woo Han has a small generator, that draws on the kinetic energy of flowing water to produce electricity. This should ideally be able to power small gadgets like electric …

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Eggshell Planters Are Cute And Cool

In place of throwing away eggshells, put them to good use like the seed planter here. All you need for a start is to break those eggs with some care. The finished product is a mix of cute and cool. Checkout the entire process here. PSFK

Bird Electron’s Weirdly Shaped Hyoutan Speakers For iPod

In the world of weird, Bird Electron chose speakers based on the shape of some obscure vegetable. Hyoutan, is some sort of a cucumber with a number of uses, ranging from being an edible, to use as sponges and even underwears! Hang a pair from the roof of your room.Akihabara News

Scientists Simulate Trip To A Black Hole

A trip to a Black Hole isn’t what anyone would look forward to, interesting as they may be. But you can see what it would be like, in this video created by two scientists at the University of Colorado in Boulder. They wrote code based off equations from the General Theory of Relativity, and were …

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LG Versa Transformers Phone Has A Bit Of Transformers

The limited edition “Transformers” LG Versa phone has been released for promotion of the upcoming Transformers movie. The touchscreen phone isn’t anywhere near being a Transformer, but it gets an awesome skin, and a few additions for “transformation;” that is, additional modules like a QWERTY keyboard, gamepad, external speakers and a few more additions will …

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