New Pictogram Music Posters by Viktor Hertz

Swedish graphic designer Viktor Hertz (more) has a way with pictograms and music. Viktor has revisited his Pictogram Music Posters project from 2011 and created a new version, all set for 2017. The new set presents 15 songs from 15 artists, presented as pictograms. The signed prints are currently available for purchase through a successfully …

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Work In Progress

Swedish graphic designer Viktor Hertz has just published his new project titled Work in progress bars. He calls it a “silly little side-project,” which it just might be. It is however still full of the simple shapes and humorous quick wit that we have come to admire in the work of the designer. Hit ahead …

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Pop Art Movie Mashup Posters

Swedish graphic designer Viktor Hertz mashed up movie posters in art for very intriguing results. It’s not a straight up mashup of popular culture characters walking into movie scenes, but slightly more complicated and takes more time to exactly figure it out.

Creative Posters Present Famous Songs in Pictograms

Viktor Hertz is a Swedish graphic designer and artist who happens to create very intriguing images. If that name sounds familiar, it might be because his projects like the honest logos, movie pictograms, and even the music pictograms we’re talking of here have been widely noticed and appreciated. Several updates have been made to the …

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More Honesty for Brand Logos

We have previously seen a tale of a fabled world where brand logos were honest. That isn’t quite going to happen anywhere ever in this world, but we do find some recluse in the work of Viktor Hertz. This second set of logos follows the theme set by the first, and puts them all in …

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Pictogram Music Posters

Nothing speaks the language of the soul like music does. Music and songs do in their own way, define people and there personalities, and there is always a special connection to that favorite song you just can’t stop humming. Viktor Hertz has come up with a set of pictogram posters try to capture the essence …

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If brand logos were honest

You can’t really expect brands to create logos that highlight their negative side, but you only need to look a bit closer to find what those logos can “really” represent. Created by artist Viktor Hertz, this set called “Honest Logos” shows what brand logos actually stand for, once you strip them off their shine and …

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Movie posters presented as pictograms

Movie posters are supposed to put in all the movie has to offer in one image. Clearly, that isn’t an easy task, and definitely not one you’d give up to pictograms. Artist Viktor Hertz though, would disagree. The artist has created a collection of movie posters in Pictograms. Not so alluring as the movie posters …

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