How to Plan Your Seasonal Fundraising Event

There is nothing like the buzz that can be achieved from organising a fundraising event that is not only a success as far as attendees are concerned, but also creates a major financial gain for your chosen charity or non-profit organisation. 

However, before you get to enjoy this part of the event, there is a lot of hard work and organising that needs to be carried out.

1. Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Plan

Is it important to give yourself plenty of time between deciding to host a fundraising event and staging it. This is not only good for your stress levels, but it will give others that may like to help a chance to come forward and either provide ideas or gain sponsorship on your behalf or the behalf of the cause you are supporting.

2. Get Organised and Ask for Help

Of course, being an organised person is a blessing in this scenario, but not everyone has this ability. Do not be afraid to ask others to step in and help you in areas that you are lacking or if you find that time is running away from you and that deadlines could be missed or tight.

3. Pick a Date and a Selection of Activities

Others may likely want to either join you in your fundraising event or host their own version of what you are doing so that they too can donate to the relevant cause. Choosing a selection of different activities can help those that are at a loss of what to do to raise money, or would not be able to take part in traditional sporting events. For instance, they could hold tea parties, a cake bake, an open garden afternoon, or outdoor games with a raffle, a tombola, and a cookout.

4. Rally Support for Your Event 

Undoubtedly, you are going to have to rally the troops to obtain the largest donation possible. This is where texting platforms for nonprofits come into their own. Being able to organise a fundraising event on a large scale just by typing a quick text and then hitting a button can take hours of admin out of the equation. 

That one touch of the button will then send your text to all interested parties in a personalised format that will not only get your followers to feel they have been specially selected for the role, but it will encourage them to get the best results that they can for your organisation.

Final Thoughts

Although there is much to think about, you should not be put off from hosting a fundraising event or creating your own non-profit organisation. It can be highly rewarding and as you become more established you will find it gets easier every time.

Do not be afraid to ask for help from friends, relatives, or professionals. You will find that there are websites available for designing sponsorship forms if you want attendees to be sponsored, although it can be just as fun to hold events where the proceeds go to charity rather than people getting sponsored for what they can do in any desired amount of time.

Finally, there are software and online platforms available to support the running, and organisation of non-profits, which can make it look more professional to those who wish to associate themselves with your cause. 

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