Kyocera Moeye, an Innovative Concept

Cars have been advancing since their development back in the 1800s. There is never enough luxury for what carries us around and helps us commute. The Kyocera Moeye, however, goes above and beyond. 

Moeye’s (short for) “more eye,” best feature is to have a wider range of sight. With the addition of cameras, large screens, and a full 3D view of the road, Kyocera Moeye is revolutionary. Additionally, the Moeye hopes to offer a holographic assistant, optical camouflage (making view much larger with the screens and cameras), an built-in air freshener, and others. 

Kyocera Moeye Concept Car

The main feature, however, is that the Kyocera Moeye is an autonomously driven car. What does this mean? It means the Moeye has no steering wheel. It is all voice activated and modeled to be safely driven by voice command, or route introduction. This is a feature no car model has as of now. 

The concept itself is based on cars from the past. It has a small coupe-like design and the signature round lights of 1950s sports cars. Kyocera Moeye is a remodeled design from the past, with all the signature of a futuristic adventure. 

Kyocera Moeye Concept Car Interiors

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