Spooktacular’s Inflatable Full Body Shark Deluxe Costume

The inflatable costume is a shark, complete with an open mouth full of sharp-looking teeth. The window between the teeth will make you look as if swallowed by the shark.  More of a fun costume, it is a definite must-see and will get laughs from everyone. 

This fun and deluxe costume is adult-sized and stands over 7 feet tall. The costume includes an air pump to inflate it. The air pump will function with 4 AA batteries or a power bank. The costume includes a pocket for the battery pack to keep it safe and prevent overheating. The Spooktacular inflatable shark costume is one size fits all. It also allows for easy movement. 

This costume is great fun for any occasion. Whether Halloween, birthday parties, celebrations, or any grand old time, it will get a reaction from anyone who sees it. For under $40, it is an exciting addition to make any event full of fun. 

Inflatable Great White Shark Costume - Spooktacular Creations

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