Faro de Ajo, Transformed by Okuda San Miguel

Okuda San Miguel, known for his distinctive colorful painting style, has redone the once forgotten Faro de Ajo. Located in Cantabria, Spain, it was inaugurated in 1930. Decades later Okuda San Miguel was commissioned to transform the almost forgotten lighthouse. 

Okuda San Miguel is a famous painter who uses hundreds of colorful hues to carry out his pieces of art. 

His remake of the stark lighthouse, the Faro de Ajo, is a true masterpiece. With over 70 hues used, he has given it a complete makeover. His geometric influence has left the lighthouse with rainbow colored wild animals that include a bird and a dog. He also added fun patterns on the various layers of the building. With squares, triangles, and circles carefully hand painted, the Faro de Ajo has truly become a sight to see. 

Since its remake, the lighthouse has changed tourism in the city of Cambria, visited daily by enthusiastic artists and sightseers. Okuda San Miguel is proud of his work, and loved the challenge that he carried out in his homeland. 

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