Spooky Goth Decor Coffin Shelf

Halloween and Dracula lovers alike come together to enjoy this one of a kind shelf. The Spooky Goth Decor Coffin Shelf is a great addition to any eclectic home. Just like in the movies, this shelf is shaped like the remembered coffin from which Count Dracula would rise during the night, and hide during the day. 

Goth Decor Coffin Shelf Image

This is a darker, mysterious style that can find a path to being appreciated. Enjoying the more dark side of life is nothing new to them, but the Coffin Shelf certainly is. There has never been a coffin shaped shelf for retail sale until now. 

At a smaller size from normal coffins, this Gothic Shelf is only 17 inches high, and 9 inches wide, making it a perfectly obscure addition to any gothic décor space. Used for shot glasses, books or for skull placing, this coffin shelf will not only serve, but impress. 


Spooky Goth Decor Coffin Shelf is a fun and playful addition to the obscurer side of décor. Perfect for nightstand use, or wall addition, it is sure to capture hearts this season!

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