Konstantin Khlanta, the Nail and Thread Artist

After watching a music video, Russian artist Konstantin Khlanta decided to begin his journey. After drawing for years, he decided to give another art form a shot. This gave way to his unique art style, portraits using colored string and nails. 

Using pencils, he sketches his portraits before the real art work begins. After the initial sketching, Khlanta then strategically places nails over his canvas. Once the nails are in place, Khlanta removes the original sketch and gets to work with the colorful thread. By wrapping them around the nails, he secures the strings in place. The portrait starts to take life and becomes a piece of art. 

Khlanta claims he does not use schemes for his pieces. Instead, he uses layers and shadows, as he learned to do so using pastels. His pieces include portraits of many favorites around the world. In his portfolio, he has thread portraits of the Joker, Avril Lavigne, and Chester Bennington, among others. 

Konstantin Khlanta has changed the art of portraits by using a truly different style. His art is widely followed on social media. His colorful thread portrait series will continue to grow.

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