Ferrari Omologata, the Stunning One-Off Prancing Horse

Ferrari Omologata was commissioned by a Ferrari fan, described as a “discerning European client.” Omologata is Ferrari’s tenth V12 engine automobile. The design is based-off the 812 Superfast prototype, meaning it would be a grand tourer sports car. 

Ferrari Omologata

The Rosso Magma finish is just the cherry on top. The Ferrari Omologata carries the Ferrari GT tradition of decades, yet is easily drivable on the road. The design itself is a piece of automotive art. With futuristic features, the design is shaped to look like that racing car we all wished for as kids. 

The Ferrari Omologata has rounded sections for the front wheels, a very familiar stripe across its bonnet (a Ferrari classic), and a projecting spoiler that adds to its sporty look. The interior is as sophisticated as the outer details. With electric blue seats made of leather and jeans, the contrast of a black interior makes it sophisticated and tasteful. The 50s and 60s details on the dashboard are enviable. 

Ferrari Omologata
Ferrari Omologata

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