Earthly Living, in France

Imagine living one on one with nature. A peaceful, quiet place where you can be in touch with true nature. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Well, there is an architecture firm that wants to make this possible. Score Architects has a proposal for just such a thing. 

The proposal is based on the famous Vibrac Castle in France. And the Cocoon Treehouse focuses on allowing humans to interact with nature in a truly innovative way. The Cocoon Treehouse is a new way of coexisting with nature.

Cocoon Treehouse

Score Architects have designed two modules that want to truly project Vibrac’s landscape. One module hangs from the surrounding trees, while the other floats in the river. The modules adapt to the living conditions providing an environment for humans, animals, and nature. 

The indoor space is a true wonder. Providing living space for humans and animals, the outside is inviting to insects and plants. Score Architects have designed a living space that will combine all living organisms in a peaceful way. 

The Cocoon Treehouse interior is made of timber elements. The outside of the modules are a netting structure of organic hemp mesh. Although only a concept, this would be a once in a lifetime experience for anyone. Nature lover, or not, the Cocoon Treehouse would capture the heart of anyone.

Cocoon Treehouse Image

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