The Living Wall by Horticus

Whether at home, or at the office, a nice plant makes the ambiance peaceful and fashionable. Those with a green thumb will definitely like the “Living Wall” designed by Horticus. 

Made from terracotta and framed in steel, these hexagonal pots are perfect for plants. Watering is done through a series of holes on the top, making upkeep easy. With different models to choose from you can grow any variety of plants in your interior spaces. You can combine different pods and make a patchwork of greenery with your vertical garden. 

The Horticus pods are easy to lift and work with for routine maintenance such as repotting or airing. You can easily detach and reattach a pod with the lift of a finger. The design is strikingly modern, and so is the concept. Vertical gardens are the modern way of growing and maintaining a garden in any room or space.

Give your living quarters a fresh look and feel with your personal combination of living plants. With the ease of use, plant lovers will want to use these pods by Horticus to create their own vertical garden. 

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