Volcon Introduces the Electric, All-Terrain Grunt for Under $6,000

Volcon is ready to introduce one of the first all-terrain electric motorcycles, the Grunt. Since Tesla has paved the road for clean, electric motorsport vehicles, companies like Volcon have had their start. One thing is for sure, the Grunt is a different kind of bike. For just $5,995, the Grunt is a luxury any green off-road sportsman should look into. 

Volcon Grunt has impressive specs. It is compact, and has fat-tires, with 12 inches of ground clearance. It features an electric motor that has the capacity of 75 pounds of torque. This allows the Grunt to go from 0 mph to 60 mph in 60 seconds. One full charge allows 100 miles of travel. 

The battery charges from a socket of just 120 volts in as little time as 2 hours. Another great feature is that the Grunt has switchable battery compatibility. This allows you to have 200 miles of travel by just switching batteries. 

With such a big clearance, the Grunt is perfect for any environment. Be it desert, rocky terrain, or forest, it will do the job. Andrew Leisner, Volcon CEO, is very enthusiastic about this project and claims that it was quickly snatched by a seed round of funding. He is also excited to make a product that is more environmentally friendly. Leisner’s previous experience in the motorcycle world has led him to be a pioneer in this type of project. 

Many environmentally conscious sports enthusiasts anxiously wait for its arrival. The Grunt will be ready to take on the world and make a huge footprint in green technology.

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