“Ooho,” Notpla’s Seaweed Packets

“Ooho,” the sound people make when they see Notpla seaweed packets. The packets, substitute plastic packets for condiments such as ketchup, BBQ sauce, mustard, and dressings. Growing faster than paper trees and starch, seaweed is a better option for a green way of packaging. 

These packages are biodegradable and break down in three weeks. The process begins by drying the seaweed and grinding it into powder. Following a patented process, it becomes a clear substance that is moldable. It is then transformed into the packaging. This is a better option for plastic and/or paper derived packaging. 

Noptia has partnered with Just Eat, a British delivery app. The reviews from customers reveal that the Ooho packages are easy to use, and enjoy that they are unique and “green.” 

Notpla Seaweed Packaging Non-plastic For Sauce

The next step for Noptia is to develop other uses for the Ooho. These uses would be for bottle caps or pull tabs. They have also used the Ooho for drinks such as water and whiskey. They have also installed a vending machine in a London gym that dispenses an energy drink. 

Ooho is here to change the plastic packaging world. The new option, once fully developed, will reduce plastic waste by hundreds of tons of unnecessary plastic packaging.

Notpla Compostable Packaging

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