The Collapsible DiFOLD Origami Bottle

DiFOLD Origami Bottle is a collapsible bottle inspired by the art of origami paper folding. It is elegant, sophisticated, and 100% stable when unfolded. The Origami bottle holds up to 750 milliliters of water when full. The folds along its exterior allow it to “collapse” or fold down to 80% of its size. This makes it easy to tote around without taking much space.

Made from a durable TPC polymer, DiFOLD Origami bottle is odorless and BPA-free and easy to clean/wash. Because it is reusable and very durable, the Origami bottle saves about 3.5 ounces of CO2 emissions for every refill.

The design was the idea of co-founder, Petar Zaharinov, who wants to take the origami design used in the bottle for other types of packaging. Although the DiFOLD Origami Bottle is not for sale yet, it should be available soon. It will be available in blue, green, and rose pink. For DiFOLD, the re-use/re-fold revolution has begun!

Difold Origami Bottle Collection

Difold Origami Bottle Set

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