Adobe Photoshop Can Determine If An Image Was Edited

Adobe began a content authenticity initiative in November of 2019. Along with Twitter and the New York Times, Adobe wants to combat the large use of altered images on the internet. Although the prototype is solely Adobe’s, it looks to set the standards for digital media acknowledgment. They want to target social media platforms to identify altered content and deepfakes.

Because of the large use of altered images in use all over the internet, Adobe Photoshop will soon be able to track the credits of the creators. They will also be able to track any alterations or edits done to these images. Although an optional tool, it will keep authenticity identifiable.

To use the tool, Photoshop users will have to toggle on the option. After this, Photoshop will immediately tag an edited photo. It will provide the original creator and any information given by the creator. It will also provide any changes or edits by the creator of the composite piece.

Whether the tool will be successful or not is still uncertain. However, the need for original credit to content creators is a great tool. Lowering altered content on the internet is the main goal of this tool, encouraging users to create their original content. For Photoshop users, this will be a positive move to keep their content credits to themselves.

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