Ornamentum Collection Has Delightfully Bizarre Furniture

Imagine an entire package of beauty, architecture, and art. Designers Orson Oxo Van Beek and Quinten Mestdagh have come up with a concept with all of these in their new collection of aluminum furniture.

Exhibited at Everyday Gallery in Antwerp, the collection is quick to catch attention. Described as “the boundary between aesthetic and function,” the furniture is completely inspiring. As if from a fantasy world, this aluminum furniture is truly breathtaking.

The collection, named “Ornamentum,” features a chair, a table, and a lamp, all made of aluminum. They all carry their title, being ornate through and through. They have excessive pointy edges, and appear to be dangerous to the touch.

All the pieces are overly ornate with sharp, laser cut aluminum, yet sophisticated at view. And although quite dreamy, they are not for use, rather for decoration. They were inspired by the furniture designs of the rococo, baroque, and renaissance periods. Completely lavish, and truly unique.

It represents the vision of a collection that “unfamiliar decorative furniture that touches the boundary between aesthetics and functionality.” With the three pieces, they achieved just that.

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