Flikr Tabletop Fireplace

Bring the luxury of a fireplace to any part of your home. The Flikr tabletop fireplace is a fireplace you can move around! A small, and rounded fireplace will bring a completely different look and feel to any room or space.

The Flikr Tabletop Fireplace is made of a specialized cement that can withstand up to 3000 degrees (F) temperature. Rubbing alcohol is all you need in order to fuel this tabletop fireplace. The Flikr Tabletop Fireplace can emanate a flame for up to 50 minutes with just 5 ounces of rubbing alcohol.

Bring a new look and feel to all the rooms in your house. Perfect for an intimate, quiet night, or a unique dinner, this fireplace offers a unique ambiance and adds an intimate tone to any room or space

Flikr Concrete Tabletop Fireplace

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