F550 Made Into A Luxury Custom Camper

For off-grid travel lovers, the new Ford F550 Full Custom Camper is the perfect companion. The F550 is custom-built for trips into any rough terrain while keeping comfort at 100%. With compartments for nearly everything, this camper keeps everything out of sight until needed. The features make it the best vehicle for adventure lovers that live on the road.

F50 Custom Camer Build

The cabin is mounted on a flatbed. The roof pops up giving a total of 6 feet and 10 inches of standing room. It is solar-powered (1,300 watts), and has a gas tank for back up. has a heater and air conditioner system that uses very little energy (350 watts). The F 550 has electrical cooktops and a grill, which are pullouts for outside use. There is also a pull-out sink next to it.

There are two showers, one indoors, and one outdoors. The toilet is a pullout in the interior of the cabin. The cabin has a sitting area with a couch and a full-sized bed area with storage under each of these. For the children, the dinette turns into a child-sized bed.

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