A Quick Look At The Most Beloved Types Of Coffee

A coffee lover knows that the skill of choosing, brewing, and then finally producing a great cup of coffee is an art. It needs a thorough knowledge of different types of coffee. Here’s our list of best-known types of coffee and variants that are absolutely adored by coffee lovers.



It definitely tops the list for the most popular type of coffee. It also serves as the base to many other different coffee specialties.
The basic to perfect espresso starts from choosing the right roast of coffee beans, moving onto the just the right temperature of water, and then maintaining the right pressure. In the machine, steam works to build pressure on coffee beans and it pours into the carafe below while the air is filled with the aroma of coffee.


Espresso diluted with water is an Americano. It is a popular breakfast drink to give that caffeine kick. Start by measuring beans for double shot, tamp it, put up the portafilter in the machine, and make a double shot of espresso. Then dilute this with two parts of water and there you have it, Caffè Americano.


Cortado is balancing equal amounts of espresso and steamed milk. This reduces the acidity of the coffee.



This is for the ones who savor milk in their coffee and is the most ordered coffee in cafes. To make it, add one shot of espresso with equal parts of hot milk and foamed milk. If you prefer add sprinkles of chocolate or cinnamon over it to please your taste buds.


Latte is usually preferred by those who prefer more milk and sweetness but less bitterness and acidity in their coffee. It is a beginner introductory coffee drink. A single shot of espresso mixed with three parts of steamed milk to make a hot cup of cafe latte.


Mocha is a hybrid drink of chocolate and coffee made with steamed milk. Chocolate cuts the acidity of the coffee and whipped cream on top gives it a foamy rich texture. Sounds deliciously dreamy, doesn’t it?

Flat White

It finds its origin in Australia and New Zealand, and is similar to Cappuccino. The difference is it is more creamy and not frothy. To make add with one shot of espresso, milk from the bottom of the jug rather than the top.

Iced Latte

Iced Latte

A very popular summer drink, the recipe varies with the location. Add Espresso with milk or water and let it pour over ice cubes. Top it with flavoring syrups like vanilla as per taste.


To make it add one shot espresso and steamed half-and-half. Top it with some frothed and creamy milk foam for that rich flavor.


The simple recipe for this is made by using only two ingredients, espresso, and whipped cream.
Whipped cream serves as a replacement for both milk and sweetener.

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