5 Best Incense Matches To Try In 2020

There is truly no match to incense matches when you need a fresh breeze of fragrance. Just pull one sheet, light it, and your room will instantly get filled with a fresh wisp of exotic fragrance. The best incense matches come in small booklets of incense sheets that can be carried anywhere and are suitable for all spaces. Incense matches are an excellent fit for all spaces – cars, bathrooms, and even public places.

Why Pick Incense Matches?

If you are not into room deodorizers, incense matches might just be the best fit for you. But there are other prominent reasons too that make incense matches more appealing over sticks.

  • Incense matches are safer than leaving a burning scented candle unattended in your space, especially if you have kids. 
  • Incense matches come in small-sized booklets that can fit inside small cubicles, cars, bathrooms, and so on.
  • Low commitment – The matches available nowadays can also be super economical.
  • Some people are allergic or feel suffocated from scented candles. Incense matches can be used as a replacement in such cases considering the exotic and fresh aromas they are packed in.
  • You can even replace your bathroom deodorant with incense matches that are equally efficient and economical.
  • The aromas from the popular options available today last a lot longer than common candles and deodorants.

The Incense Match Company (Assorted Matches)

The Incense Match Company - Assorted Matches

The most popular ones in terms of efficiency are these. Assorted in packs of 10, 16, 17, 50, etc., they instantly fill your room with fresh smells of coconut, sandalwood, berries, vanilla, and others. Just pull a sheet and light it – that’s all you need to do.

Travel-friendly, economical, easy-to-use, safe for health – all in a box offering 16 different flavors. Each booklet bears a different hue and is color coded for different fragrances trapped in the booklets. The packaging is super cute, vivid, and yet cheap and very effective in its performance.

Incienso de Santa Fe (Sampler)

Incienso de Santa Fe - 7 Scent Sampler

These incense bricks come in 7 exciting flavors – Burner, Includes Piñon, Cedar, Juniper, Hickory, Alder, Mesquite and Fir Balsam. Each flavor is equally distributed in 10 small bricks that can be ignited quickly and safely.

The best feature of these bricks is their natural origin promising zero harmful chemicals and only natural wood. These make for an excellent gift item for anyone with its affordable packaging and fresh, natural aromas.

Morocca Essence Incense

Morocca Essence Incense Gift Pack

The essence incense in 180 sticks is another popular choice. The packaging is very appealing and packed in six brilliant colors for six unique fragrances: Ocean, Morning Blossom, Jasmine tea, Rose Geranium, Sandalwood, and Lavender Rosemary.

These vividly colored incense sticks not only show deodorizing effect but are also suitable for yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, prayer, and creating a romantic atmosphere. They are richly filled with pure and natural essential oils, herbs, and wood gums that are hand-blended and rolled.

Each of the differently colored packs accompanies their own incense holder that allows for safe usage of the sticks. These incense sticks are also a popular gift.

HiBi 10 Minutes Aroma Matchstick

HiBi 10 Minutes Aroma Matchstick

HiBi Aroma Matches are really tiny and made to fit inside a pocket. 8 pieces of incense sticks are packed in a pocket-sized case and can be carried anywhere and everywhere. Each small stick continues to spread natural aroma through 10 minutes and are also a great gift item for occasions.

These incense matchsticks are made of fine quality natural incense, paper fibre, wax, and charcoal. These are suitable for prayers, yoga, meditation, or even to decorate your desk or space flawlessly. The sticks, small in size, yet engineered to last for a long 10 minutes and fills your room with fresh aromas.

Mostly natural smells are embedded in the matchsticks and have Japanese origin. You can easily use them with an incense burner stand that holds these small pieces in place.

Home Made Aromatherapy Organic Tibetan Rope Incense

Home Made Aromatherapy Organic Rose Tibetan Rope Incense

As the name implies, these incense ropes are handmade with organic rose extracts and are excellent for aromatherapy. The pack contains 45 organic ropes crafted for use in special ceremonies, home decor, yoga, meditation, or prayer. You can place them in little holders and light the ropes that give out fresh rose fragrances in your space.

These are a good choice in rope incense and are easy to use and affordable. You can also carry them while on a trip as these are travel-friendly.

Incense matches are growing in popularity day-by-day due to the safety components that are used in their manufacturing. For households having children and aged members, it is best to use incense matches to ensure no health hazards are there. All these are our top picks for the best incense matches that you can use.

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