Rides Of The Wild — Animal Inspired Car Renderings

A very creative series, the Rides of the Wild brings a touch of animals to classic cars. The artist’s idea is to go beyond renders and encourage the imagination of the viewer. Something that can hold interest of a viewer, rather than be a comment in passing. Swiss artist Frédéric Müller matches animals to classic cars.

What I find interesting here is that the change is not intended to go overboard. Instead, the artist has kept in line with subtle, though equally intriguing images. Throwing black & white panda ears on a car and calling it panda-inspired is easy, making subtle changes that still speak for the vehicle is worthy of admiration. That’s exactly why I like this series. You won’t exactly find cars like these running on the road, but they’re not some outlandish models.

These digital images were created with 3D morphs of classic cars, and settled to be the transport for lions, hippos, alligators, and pandas. The set includes eight images. All images are available as limited prints, and can be purchased from MB&F Mad Gallery.

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