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Having a protective case for your phone is a great idea. Spending all the phone’s battery on playing games, well, not so great an idea. To be perfectly honest, the lure of gaming is enough for many of us to sneak to the phone and kill some time (or a lot of it!) playing games. That’s one of the reasons these cases caught my attention. They protect the phone, and they protect the battery. Plus, who can resist the joy of playing some old NES and Gameboy classics? Or for that matter, just a good old round of Tetris! Ah, that brings back memories.

Well, here are some cases to consider for your gaming needs. Keep in mind, the screens are going to tiny. Not miniscule, but the case has to go over your phone and keep a ton of room for the buttons and have an appropriate aspect ratio. So head on to check out some cases for your gaming pleasure, and one simply for the looks and nostalgia.

Game Console Cover Case

Enjoy the Game Boy vibe and the classic Tetris with this case. The case is partly made from silicone TPU material to partly protect your phone. As for the game, it has full controls, including easy access sound and power buttons. You will need two button batteries to keep it going, and that might be something to consider before purchasing this case. The Tetris case is available for most iPhones, going all the way from iPhone 6 to iPhone XS.

Tetris Game Console

This case will fatten up your phone a bit, to make room for the necessary electronics as well as the game screen. Much like the previous case, this one is simple, straightforward, and runs off two button batteries. According to the seller, batteries won’t be included with the shipped product due to regulations. The console requires CR2032 button batteries to run.

Game Boy Case With Color Display

Now this is a feature-rich case that will feed your nostalgia. The case is made from silicone and TPU, and the features it brings along will substantially fatten up your phone. We’re talking almost half a centimeter here. Although that’s probably forgivable if your true love lies for the games it brings along. This case has a color screen and includes 36 classic game titles. It seems the default language used is Chinese, though it uses thumbnails so you can navigate to your desired game using visual cues. The case has included rechargeable battery and charges up using a microUSB port.

DURARMOR NES Controller Themed iPhone Case

There is no gaming on this one. It is a conventional iPhone 8 Plus case, designed to follow the theme of the old faithful NES controller. The hard polycarbonate exterior for this case is backed by a soft TPU interior layer to better protect your phone.

Considerations When Purchasing A Case

When purchasing a phone case, do keep your requirements and expected use first. Many of the cases listed here, will add weight and dimensions to your phone simply by virtue of the functions the cases offer. If you are importing a case, it helps to understand your local laws on imports and how it applies to your purchase. Most of the times, there isn’t much trouble, but it helps to understand the process anyway.