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20 Amazing Cat Themed Products You Want In Your Home (And Life)

by Feb 3, 2019Cool

How do you show your love for your cat? By packing your home with cat-related goodness, of course. Be careful not to overdo it! But that's a problem for another day. Right now, it's time to sit back and check out these awesome goodies you absolutely do want for your home. We've mined Amazon for these knick-knacks; the tiny, sweet little things that show your admiration and love for your cat. As these things go, a lot of these are coffee cups, but that's not all you will see here. Let's check it out!


Randommization participates in the Amazon affiliate program. If you choose to buy products listed here, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. This listing is for information and not for specific endorsement of any product.

1. Cat Welcome Mat

Liven up your door with these cute welcome mats. They say cats rarely greet their owners, but you know better. Sometimes, you’ll get the amazing pleasure of having your cat greet you, and its probably not that rare. Cat Welcome Mat measures 18×30″, is 1/2″ thick, and is made entirely from coconut coir fiber.

2. Cute Cat Phone Stand

This adorable smartphone stand will make things so much livelier! Why place your phone on a random stand or even the nightstand, when you can get things on the cute side with this lovely cat smartphone stand. The cat is shaped round, but manages to stay balanced. Word of caution: this is a novelty product, and there are several customer reviews that say it isn’t built to last.

3. A 3D Ceramic Cat Coffee Mug

Here’s the first of the cat coffee mugs for your home. The ceramic cup is cute, sweet, and available in four variants of cat expressions. The kitty comes with its own spoon and holds 14 ounces of your favorite beverage. It’s the small details that make this mug amazing; the small kitty feet, the tail as the handle, and the crossed claws are a nice touch. Oh, and the expression on the cat face are adorable!

4. Kitty Backpack

This cute backpack has its outer body made from PU leather, while polyester covers the interiors. This cat backpack has one main compartment and two smaller compartments on the inside, plus one front zipper pocket. 

5. Another Cute Cat Ceramic Mug

Look at that adorable kitty! The illustration is lovely and adds quite some character to the mug. Playful, joyous, and our beloved cat hijinks. What’s not to love? The porcelain mug is topped by a food grade PP cover and comes with a stainless steel spoon. It is available in four variants, all with kitty illustrations in various expressions.

6. Cat Paw Silicone Wrist Cushion And Mouse Pad

Give your wrist a rest on this soft and squishy wrist pad designed to provide support and comfort. Full dimensions of the product are 11.4-ich long and 7.4-inch wide. The usable surface is substantially less though, considering that much of it is covered by the silicone cat paw. While it is dependent on personal prefferences, I assume that small surface won’t be much of a problem for casual browsing or some light work. 

7. Applique Embroidered Sew Iron on Patch

Cute, adorable, and with a big heart! This adorable cat X-Ray patch holds everything. It is conveniently priced and low enough, so you can easily get hold of this one should you need to fill up your card for free shipping.

8. ‘Are You Kitten Me’ Coffee Mug

Satiate your love for puns and kittens with this cool coffee mug. The ceramic coffee mug holds 11 oz of liquid, and has a cool kitty pun printed across its body.

9. ‘Pet Space Capsule’ Carrier Backpack

With this backpack, the cat gets to enjoy the scenery while the human carries it around. The semi sphere transparent astronaut window is a really cool touch. However, if you’d like to skip the space capsule look, the backpack also includes a mesh window. The backpack is available in several sizes and colors, and makes a cool companion for you and your cat.

10. Cat Beard Mug

A cool gift, that when placed at just the right angle, gives you a cute set of cat whiskers and nose. Be proud of your cat beard!

11. Cute Kitty LED Night Light

The Cute Kitty LED Night Light looks like something cat lovers would love to have on their nightstand. It is powered by a 1200 mAh USB-rechargeable Li-ion battery so it can be placed wherever convenient. The lamp has eight single light colors to choose from or seven patterns you can run through for changing light colors. Controls are managed through a tap to the kitty’s head. How cool is that?!

12. ‘Best Cat Mom Ever’ Coffee Mug

This “rude” ceramic mug let’s you show off your love for cats in a passive aggressive style. Nothing gets the point across like a cat flipping the finger. The 11 oz mug has print on both sides, and is microwave and dishwasher save. Also available in “Cat Dad” variant.

13. Blue Cat Mousepad With Wrist Rest

Why bother with a dull, monotone mousepad when you can rest your wrist on this cool mousepad with a vibrant cat design! The wrist rest is filled with memory foam for greater comfort, and the cat is all too happy to play along.

14. Glass Tea Cup with a Lid And Strainer

Sync up your love for cats and good tea with this sweet glass cup. The 14 oz cup includes its own lid and strainer so your beverage needs are all fixed in one package. Its lid is formed by the minimalist head-shape of a cat, while its curved tail makes an excellent handle for your cup. It’s available in several colors and can be your teapot as well as a mug.

15. Cat Themed Decorative Linen Cushion Cover

I have to say, I enjoyed looking at these cushion covers. The illustrations they chose are simple, artistic, and just overall pleasant to see. Not going overboard or take the tacky route is all one can ask from decorative cushion covers. These covers are made from cotton, and include a hidden zipper for easier application or removal of the covers.

16. Black And White Ceramic Cat Coffee Mugs

The description on the product listing for these mugs actually reads “Coffee Mugs for Crazy Cat Lady”! We’ll try not to hold that aggressive listing against this otherwise cute coffee mug. The mugs have a minimalist touch with simple whiskers painted on the surface to signify the cat connection. its surface/rim has two small appendages signifying cute kitty ears. On the downside, the mugs are not microwave safe and must be handwashed. Personally, I’d skip the ones with the cat head at the base of the mug. It’s cute, but a nightmare to clean.

17. Pinky Up Chloe Cat Mug

A minimalist touch and metal finish are the main draws of this cat mug. It’s simple, elegant, and looks great. Although I am a bit worried about the risk of being poked by those prominent metallic ears on top of the mug. Form over function? If you do get taken in by the cuteness of this mug, remember it’s not microwave or dishwasher safe. The ceramic mug holds 12 oz of beverage and is available in three colors.

18. Small Cute Cat Thermos

With “Cute Cat” right in its name, this product squarely targets cat lovers. The sellers present it as a thermos, and that’s technically right, I feel it is way better as a travel coffee mug.

19. Cat Glass Cup Tea Mug With Fish Tea Infuser

Your loose leaf tea needs to be brewed in style. The fish infuser is a nice touch, since it puts fish in the cat mug’s belly. Now what kitty wouldn’t enjoy that! The head on the mug is removable, and the tail forms a nice handle for the cup. 

20. Chester The Cat Cookie Jar

Made of ceramic with a glossy finish, the Chester Cookie Jar is a beautiful place for your cookies. It’s a good sized jar, measuring eight inches in height and width, so there’s plenty of room for the cookies.

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