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All-Electric Airis Wants To Be The Future’s Flying Taxi

by Apr 6, 2018Automation, Automobiles, Featured

Flying cars continue their attempts to come out of imagination into the real world. The latest iteration in the long line of flying concepts is the AirisOne. This all-electric flying car is the brainchild of Bermuda-based Airis Aerospace. Capable of ferrying five passengers, the AirisOne will have the ability to be fully autonomous, with options for semi-autonomous driving. The taxis will fly from (and to) a network of envisioned “Vertiports”, enabling travel throughout a city.

A massive, 12-ft diameter central ducted lift fan handles the job of taking the taxi off the ground, while eight forward thrusters propel it towards its destination. As is the case with flying cars, this is all concepts and plans for now. We’ll just go ahead and take it with a grain of salt. Airis though, has big plans for the autonomous flying taxi, and claims demonstration flights will start as soon as 2020, while a full scale service launch will come up in 2025.